Independent research has identified the main business challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Operational Efficiency
Customer Responsiveness
Cost Containment

SmartBusiness™ by X Systems is a Cisco Smart Business Roadmap designed to plan 18 months to 2 years into the technology future of your business. The Roadmap is based upon the business direction management expects during that time period.

The goal of SmartBusiness™ is to allow a business to incrementally add technology to fit into the plan. This avoids purchases that become obsolete due to blind recommendation caused by miscommunication betwen technical need and business direction.

X Systems SmartBusiness™

The rate of change and the amount of competition in the business world is escalating. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to ensure that the technology solutions they buy meet today’s businss needs and are flexible enough to grow with this rapidly evolving business environment.


SmartBusiness™ by X Systems utilizes the Cisco Smart Business Roadmap to provide a structured, planned evolution path to help organizations take advantage of today’s business opportunities and maximise the long-term potential of their technology investments. It provides support for real-time interaction through smart, simple and secure communications solutions that operate over a single integrated network solution.


SmartBusiness™ offers a plan for your business that brings together tailored technology solutions, world-class service and support delivered through local specialized partners, and flexible financing options --all designed specifically for SMBs.


With their business objectives prioritized and a technology plan mapped to meet these objectives, SMBs can cost-effectively improve communications, streamline business processes, and provide secure communications to employees, customers, and partners. Companies can implement the plan over time in incremental steps, at the pace that’s right for them.


To keep pace with these challenges and ensure that their business survives and prospers, businesses require a forward-looking technology plan --one that not only addresses current problems, but will also scale easily and effectively as needs change. To implement the solution, they need a partner that can help them plan and control the evolution of their company, closely aligning technology to suit their business needs.


X Systems will work with technical and executive leaders in your organization to create a SmartBusiness™ Roadmap for the next 18 months to 2 years. This unifies the vision of your organization to avoid obsolete technical purchases and focus on the growth and maintenance of your business.