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X Systems Service Overview

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Vertical Markets

X Systems prides itself of being flexible enough to apply its cutting-edge technical prowess across multiple market sectors. X Systems utilizes it's vast experience and superior technical support to service its clients, regardless of size or market.

X Systems scalable services can be tailor made to fit any size business, in any modern marketplace. X Systems it IT service.


Competitive advantage often is determined by pennies.  X Systems solutions for Retail provides real-time inventory management to nearly eliminate out-of-stocks and prevent shrinkage.  Through X Systems' SmartRFID™ technology, Retailers can gain competitive advantage by saving dollars, not pennies.


Although recent disasters and legal disputes have brought this industry to the forefront, the enhancement of communications and safety in mining environments has always been an ongoing struggle.  While X Systems' prototypes are being tested for gaseous mining environments, non-gaseous mines and quarries currently utilize the location tracking and real-time communications required by state and federal legislation.


Technology can provide a hospitality owner increased revenue in marketing and amenities.  Business and personal travelers alike expect wireless Internet and a broad offering of video services.  X Systems and its partners implement complete solutions that raise the bar of services hospitality owners can offer, increasing revenues.


The primary products of all engineering firms are the creations of architects, engineers and designers.  A robust, scalable network solution can decrease operating expenses internally while increasing customer responsiveness.  Secure remote connectivity solutions allow survey and construction crews to implement changes by engineers and customers in real-time eliminating wasted project management and keeping projects on time.


Imagine a manufacturing line where products are tracked in real-time from order placement, raw materials, through Work In Progress, to inventory, through logistics channels and even returns. Imagine having this efficiency at your fingertips even without being under mandate to implement RFID. X Systems SmartRFID™ solutions create a positive Return on Investment even without mandates.

Financial Services

Few office environments require the security of a financial institution. X Systems’ Continuance™ solutions provide the strongest encryption and authentication to protect even the most valuable data, even from the inside. Systems implemented provide intelligent monitoring to detect irregularities that standard operations would miss.

Residential Real Estate

Low interest rates have given many renters a home and left many residential rentals struggling to fill empty units. New home and condominium developers, as well as rental properties, can capture the revenue that would otherwise flow to outside telecom and cable providers, while reducing over costs. Residents of these intelligent units save with bundled services such as cable, telephone, Internet, security and even monitoring, all provided by property.

Commercial Real Esate

An X Systems’ SmartSpace™ allows Commercial building owners to capture revenue that traditionally went to outside Internet, telecom and cable providers, while increasing efficiencies within maintenance and monitoring services. A SmartSpace™ can also add marketing and advertising revenue while increasing overall property value.