How does the SmartSpace™ OneNetwork™ enhance service and experience?

High Speed Internet
IP Telephony
Audio and Video Conferencing
Visitor Management
Interactive Media
Digital Signage

How does the SmartSpace™ OneNetwork™ enhance building performance?

24/7 Monitor
Video Surveillance

SmartSpace™, By X Systems

Architecture evolves with every decade, and the results are there for people's enjoyment. International recognition awaits those whose efforts take the art to new levels of attainment. The next revolution is occurring right now: although every bit as elegant as the external aspects of the buildings it complements, it is largely hidden from public gaze.

X Systems SmartSpace™, powered by Cisco Connected Real Estate (CCRE) is the embodiment of that revolution. It harnesses the power of Internet Protocol (IP) to turn traditional building construction and management paradigms on their heads.

SmartSpace™ will bring huge financial and operational advantages not only to the construction, real estate and property services industries but also to downstream constituencies – such as hotel operators, multiplexed retail outlets, and corporate tenants – in sectors as diverse as leisure, healthcare, education and retail finance.

By adopting SmartSpace™ solutions building owners can offer new services to generate more revenue and reduce capital and operational expenditure. Occupiers can adopt highly flexible organizational models and benefit from faster set up and greater productivity. Guests and shoppers can take advantage of innovative services and enhanced amenities. And all stakeholders can enjoy safer and more secure workplaces and leisure outlets.

X Systems SmartSpace™ has three distinct phases